theclothingball series

cadavre (digital) exquis is a participatory work of art that continues the visual investigations of the original Cadavre Exquis vis-a-vis the following multi-stepped process. First, imagery of real world elements reflective of the three Dada-divided sections of the human body (head, torso, legs) are generously gathered, then sent to me, by willing participants (request a kit). Second, I assemble these visuals into three arhythmically structured image-streams, each representing one of the discrete body sections, i.e. head, torso, legs. Third, each of these image streams are displayed on one of three separate video monitors, wall-mounted as a vertical totem. The streaming imagery this becomes a singular display of randomly assembling, then disassembling, anonymous bodies. The piece loops endlessly, never once re-creating the same visual meditation.

cadavre (digital) exquis